Happy Mother's Day from Michael Bublé
May 07 2014

Happy Mother’s Day from Michael Bublé:  His most beloved songs for Mom have been priced at 69 cents, and bestselling albums including his latest, "To Be Loved", is only $6.99!

"Storyline" Is Out Now!
May 06 2014

Storyline features the hit single Invisible.

Hunter is also teaming up with ConAgra Foods to end child hunger while attempting to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® record for Most Concerts Played in multiple cities in 24 hours (cities, times and venues below). The "24 Hour Road Race to End Child Hunger,” brought to you in part by ConAgra Foods’ Child Hunger Ends Here program, will kick off Friday, May 9 on Good Morning America (GMA) on ABC in Times Square. He is attempting to break the record by playing 10 shows in 10 cities in 24 hours (current record held by the Flaming Lips with eight shows in 24 hours who broke the previous record made by Jay-Z). Fans can join the conversation on Twitter using #HHRECORDWEEK as Hunter attempts to break the world record during his exciting record release week.

Catch Hunter on tour this summer at Canvendish Beach Music Fest, Big Valley Jamboree and Boots and Hearts.  

Stream "Turn Blue", the new album from The Black Keys on iTunes
May 06 2014

Stream The Black Keys new album TURN BLUE in its entirety on iTunes now! Pre-order to receive downloads of "Fever" & "Turn Blue" instantly.

Album out May 13th.  Watch the Official video for “Fever” here

Meaghan Smith's "Have A Heart" Is iTunes' Single Of The Week!
Apr 29 2014

Congratulations are in order for Meaghan Smith, whose track, "Have A Heart" is the Single Of The Week on iTunes! Check out her live performance of "Have A Heart" at Revolution Recordings, and grab your copy of her new album on iTunes today.

Pre-Order For Big Wreck's "Ghosts" On iTunes Now
Apr 29 2014

Big Wreck's reunion has now turned into a "full-blown second coming". Following 2012's Albatross, their first LP in more than a decade, Big Wreck's new album Ghosts is due out on June 10th.

"The creative palette is a lot broader on this record, and sonically there's a lot more going on that I just haven't heard before," Thornley said in a statement. "This record has it all for me. We've cut out the things that just didn't feel right - there's none of that in there — every little noise, every little nuance adds something to the ether of each track and it all sounds exactly like what we wanted."

Pre-Order your copy of Ghosts on iTunes today!