Future Nostalgia commentary
Oct 07, 2015

You've been spinning the record for a couple weeks now, it's probably time you learn more about the songs.  The Sheepdogs provide track by track commentary on their recent release, Future Nostalgia.

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Scott Helman's Rdio Sessions
Oct 07, 2015
Scott Helman teams up with Rdio to share an exclusive set of recordings from his Rdio Sessions.  Including live versions of "Bungalow", "That Sweater", and even a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Bird On A Wire", his Rdio Sessions contains a total of 5 songs.  Listen now!

Jumpers for Goalposts
Oct 07, 2015

Ed Sheeran announces the release of Jumpers for Goalposts!  Jumpers for Goalposts brings together Ed’s captivating performances from the biggest shows of his career at Wembley Stadium in July 2015, where he wows the 80,000 strong crowd with his biggest hits to date, including “The A Team”, “Sing” and “Thinking Out Loud” - and there’s even a surprise duet from Sir Elton John. 

Click forr more information on how you can tune into the world premiere in London, UK, or to attend a screening here in Canada!

The world’s first “off planet” album
Oct 07, 2015

Famed Canadian astronaut, Colonel Chris Hadfield has today launched the world’s first “off planet” album, Space Sessions: Songs From a Tin Can, which is now available.  With guitar and vocal tracks recorded in space, these sessions have the distinction of being the first ‘off planet’ album.  The album’s fall 2015 launch underscores the importance that music has always had to Col. Hadfield wherever he is, whether in space or at home on Earth. 

Check out CBS News' piece on Chris Hadfield online!

Aretha Franklin: The Atlantic Albums Collection
Oct 05, 2015

16 incredible Aretha Franklin albums in a beautiful 19 CD clamshell box, each CD sleeve serves as a replica of the original artwork in the unforgettable Atlantic branding, showcasing much of the Queen of Soul's astounding work.

Set to release October 30th, you can pre-order on Amazon now!