Kaskade releases single, Never Sleep Alone
Apr 06 2015

World-renowned multi-Grammy nominated American artist, DJ and producer Kaskade releases his single, “Never Sleep Alone” today.  The track transpired after touring around the world for more than a decade, spending miles apart from his loved ones. 

Kaskade stated, “I have a hard time sleeping on the road, especially coming off the high of an incredible show. The road can be lonely and I feel this the most when I lay down at night. However, I’m never truly sleeping alone because I’m with my thoughts and dreams. This sparked the creation of the song and how the hook came to be – ‘we never sleep alone.’”

Listen now to "Never Sleep Alone"!

The Complete Albums 1981– 1990 from The Replacements
Apr 01 2015

This 8 disc boxset, from one of the foremost pioneers of alternative rock, The Replacements, comprises  the band’s eight studio records : Sorry Ma... / Stink / Hootenany/Let It Be / Tim / Pleased To Meet Me / Don't Tell A Soul / All Shook Down.  The 8 disc boxset becomes available April 14th, and is currently available to pre-order.

Topsify Drone delivers physical CD playlists to your door
Apr 01 2015

Have you heard about the Topsify Drone yet?  Topsify has led the way in playlisting for the last four years & has now managed to push the boundaries even further. Cutting-edge technology has made it possible to allow us to bring the music directly to you. Click the link, sign –up and look to the skies! One of our drones will deliver your chosen playlist, burnt to a CD, straight to you. 

Playlist of the week: Topsify Live! Classic Rock
Apr 01 2015

There’s nothing better than hearing your favourite band live! Check out this Classic Rock Playlist which features extended live version of the greatest rock songs!  Featuring Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Pink Floyd & many more!  

Ron Sexsmith releases Carousel One
Apr 01 2015

Just a handful of artists reach their fourteenth album... but Ron Sexsmith is now one of them.  Carousel One features "Saint Bernard" and "Can't Get My Act Together", and is available now at, digitally, and to stream!

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