It's Going Down, For Real
Jan 15 2015

It' "Going Down For Real" in Flo Rida's latest music video for 'G.D.F.R.'.  Featuring Sage The Gemini and Lookas, the track is bound to get you ready for the weekend ahead.  

New Kid Rock album coming soon
Jan 15 2015

Fans across the globe are counting down the days until February 24th, the release day of the new Kid Rock album First Kiss.  The album title track and first single 'First Kiss' is now available, with a music video to accompany. 

AJR release video for Infinity
Jan 14 2015

The New York City brotherly band, AJR saw viral success on their debut single "I'm Ready" and to follow up, the next single has arrived.  The title track off of their Infinity EP, 'Infitity' is available, with a brand new music video to go along with it.

Get interactive with Cash Cash
Jan 14 2015

A mansion filled with scantily clad women, and other surreal creatues is the basis of Cash Cash's dream come true in their brand new music video for Surrender.  The video is now available to watch on YouTube, but if you'd rather play a role in the video and make decisions for the guys, check out the interactive version now! 

Death Cab For Cutie announce Kintsugi
Jan 12 2015

Death Cab for Cutie has announced the release of their much-anticipated eighth studio album 'KINTSUGI', which arrives everywhere on March 31st.

'KINTSUGI' follows 2011’s GRAMMY® Award-nominated 'CODES AND KEYS', and marks Death Cab for Cutie’s first new album since the departure last year of founding guitarist/keyboardist/producer Chris Walla. The album takes its title from the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, highlighting cracks rather than hiding them. As such, kintsugi represents a compassionate aesthetic philosophy in which damage and wear are embraced as part of an object’s history.

“Considering what we were going through internally, and with what a lot of the lyrics are about, it had a great deal of resonance for us – the idea of figuring out how to repair breaks and make them a thing of beauty,” says bassist Nick Harmer, who suggested the name to singer/guitarist Ben Gibbard and drummer Jason McGerr. “Philosophically, spiritually, emotionally, it seems perfect for this group of songs.”

An extensive tour schedule will surround the release.