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30th Anniversary Edition of PRIVATE DANCER to be released
May 06 2015

Classic album from the most successful female rock artist of all time

- Available on June 30 -

Warner Music have announced the release of a very special 30th anniversary edition of Private Dancer, the breakthrough solo album of the world’s most loved singers and performers, Tina Turner. Originally released in June 1984, Private Dancer features hits from the eight Grammy Award winning artist including ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’, ‘Better Be Good To Me’, ‘Private Dancer’ and ‘Let’s Stay Together’.Private Dancer – 30th Anniversary Edition will be available on June 30.

The classic album Private Dancer was a huge global success on its release in 1984 and went multi-platinum in several countries including the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and the US. The album was voted in Rolling Stone’s The 100 Greatest Albums of the 80s and widely considered as one of the greatest comeback albums on the decade.

This special anniversary edition includes the original tracks re-mastered along with a second disc of 12” mixes, b-sides and three non-album singles, plus the duet with Bryan Adams ‘It’s Only Love’. The collection also features the track ‘Ball Of Confusion’ (That’s What The World Is Today) (with B.E.F.) recorded with Martin Ware from Heaven 17, and which later lead to him producing the lead single from the album ‘Let’s Stay Together’ – a single that soon became the biggest selling 12” record in American history.

Private Dancer – 30th Anniversary Edition Tracklist

Disc 1 – the classic ‘remastered’ album tracks

1.         I Might Have Been Queen
2.         What’s Love Got To Do With It
3.         Show Some Respect
4.         I Can’t Stand The Rain
5.         Private Dancer
6.         Let’s Stay Together
7.         Better Be Good To Me
8.         Steel Claw
9.         Help!   
10.       1984

Disc 2 – the ‘extras’

1.         Ball Of Confusion (With B.E.F) Remix
2.         I Wrote A Letter
3.         Rock ‘N’ Roll Widow
4.         Don’t Rush The Good Things
5.         When I Was Young
6.         Keep Your Hands Off My Baby
7.         Tonight (With David Bowie) [Live At The Nec, Birmingham]
8.         Let’s Pretend We’re Married (Live)
9.         What’s Love Got To Do It (Extended 12” Remix)
10.       Better Be Good To Me (Extended 12” Remix)
11.       I Can’t Stand The Rain (Extended 12” Remix)
12.       Show Some Respect (Extended Mix)
13.       We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)
14.       One Of The Living
15.       It’s Only Love (With Bryan Adams)

Notes to editors:

Written by Martyn Ware (Heaven 17/B.E.F.), April 2015

CD 1

I Might Have Been Queen,­ a rock anthem which shows the full range of her brooding storytelling technique, also exhibiting her love of pure melodic rock – obvious when you think of her love of Mick Jagger (ironic as she has one of the finest soul voices ever). What’s Love Got To Do With It is a beautifully-crafted piece of narrative which obviously stuck a chord with her legions of fans – the tough woman showing her inner strength once again – a real woman who can exhibit tenderness, self-awareness and fierce independence.

Show Some Respect – stompingly reminiscent of her time with Ike, is another rock-queen diatribe about strength in a woman, whilst I Can’t Stand The Rain is a modernist, almost neo-soul interpretation of the Ann Peebles classic, full of thumping sampled drum machines and pulsing electronics.

Private Dancer, the eponymous track from the album written by Mark Knopfler, is a sensual soundtrack of a song – cleverly utilizing her very low range in an almost speech-like delivery, enabling the emotional explosion of the octave rise of her anguish later – alluding to ‘lady of the night’ (and possibly her less-than-wholesome relationship with Ike, but we’re never quite sure) – very clever lyrical ambiguity – and what a performance…

Let’s Stay Together (which I’m proud to say I produced with Greg Walsh) was Tina’s enormous breakthrough record, the biggest selling 12” record in American history at the time. This re-estabished Tina all over the world in a thoroughly modern context and brought together her existing fans with a brand new generational audience.

Better Be Good To Me is a lovely example of the purest of storytelling-style, all mixed up with chants, drama and pathos – you just know it will bring the house down live. Steel Claw is an out-and-out Springsteen-esque rocker in the grand tradition, whilst the classic Beatles cover Help! is spectacularly reimagined as a rock/gospel classic, with a vocal performance that sounds more authentic than the original itself!

1984 is the second track I produced on the Private Dancer album – I knew that Tina was a huge fan of Bowie, and I always felt that this track would have an amazing resonance as we were approaching the year 1984 itself. I’m very proud of the job we did on this – I hope Bowie approved! As with Let’s Stay Together, Glenn Gregory and I (Heaven 17) both performed backing vocals on these tracks, but nothing in comparison to Tina’s scorching interpretation.



Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today) (with B.E.F.) – this was my first production with Tina – she famously came to the studio for the first time to perform this Temptations classic, and asked where the band was – we pointed at our newly-acquired monster synth sampler The Fairlight – it was the only time I saw Tina lost for words… in any case, our ultra-modernist electronic version (also featuring John McGeoch, Randy Hope Taylor, Paul Jones and Beggars & Co horns) convinced Tina and Roger Davies to ask us to work on Private Dancer – thank goodness…

I Wrote A Letter is straight-up rock, no frills – Tina’s favourite mode – and another incandescent performance, whilst Rock ‘n Roll Widow is a different aspect of Tina – yearning, semi-autobiographical, yet defiantly independent. Don’t Rush The Good Things – more chugging rock with electronic hints, 

When I Was Young and Keep Your Hands Off My Baby – both auto biographical rock – almost Meatloaf-like is their rebelrousing, stadium-rock choruses. Tonight (Live with David Bowie) – two of the greatest artists of all time face off in a live rendition of Bowie’s song, clearly adored by the audience. Let’s Pretend We’re Married is another blazing live track from the same period, reminiscent of some of Prince’s work from that time.

The craft of the 12” mix is beautifully shown on these special extended versions - What’s Love Got To Do With It, Better Be Good To Me, I Can’t Stand The Rain and Show Some Respect – often these compositions tell the stories musically in a more effective and powerful way without the restrictions of the short 7” form, and show a roadmap for future live versions.

No history of this period of Tina’s work could be complete without this magnificent, epic, filmic song (my personal favourite) - We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) – Britten and Lyle’s greatest moment in my humble opinion. Of course Tina also acted in the film ‘Thunderdome’, also featuring the Grammy-award winning rock anthem One Of The Living.

Completing this awe-inspiring compilation is Tina’s collaboration with another rock demigod - It’s Only Love (with Bryan Adams) – stadium rock at its finest.