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Blue Rodeo's "In Our Nature" Hits Stores Today - 13th Studio Album Introduces A Re-Invigorated Band
October 29 2013

<em>“In Our Nature exemplifies the unique sound the band has been honing for 26 years, and the long road has proved invigorating, rather than exhausting, for Keelor, Cuddy and Co.”</em> - NOW Magazine <em>“’New Morning Sun’ and Greg’s hopeful ‘Never Too Late’ stands with the band’s best work.”</em> - Hello Magazine, Pick Of The Week <strong>Tuesday, October 29, 2013</strong> Warner Music Canada recording artists Blue Rodeo celebrated today’s release of In Our Nature, their 13th studio album, with a free live concert this morning in Kingston, Ontario’s Market Square. The band’s mini-set showcasing material from the new album was broadcast live on CTV’s Canada AM. In Our Nature was recorded at Greg Keelor’s farm over the Fall of 2012 and the Spring of 2013 and features thirteen new songs written by Keelor and Jim Cuddy as well as a cover of The Band’s “Out Of The Blue.” In between the two recording windows, Blue Rodeo toured Canada in celebration of the band’s 25th anniversary and had a chance to play some of the new material live and in soundchecks giving them a chance to hone the arrangements. Getting the songs road tested and the addition of guitarist Colin Cripps to the band’s line-up have re-invigorated one of this country’s greatest musical entities. “Doing a lot of touring while making this record helped a lot,” says Greg Keelor. “Everybody was getting along and the band was playing well together. It's a good crop of songs and everyone just played it right and they played it beautifully.” Accompanying the release of the album is a unique music video that features two of the album’s songs – “Mattawa” and “New Morning Sun” – culled from an extraordinary short film produced by long-time collaborator and award winning director Chris Mills. Initially Mills was given the ambitious task of creating a mashup of the two songs. Instead, he delivered a seventeen-and-a-half minute film that incorporated much of the music from In Our Nature. “After spending close time with the band, shooting and rehearsing all these great songs,” says Mills, “The idea developed to try to make a video that encapsulated the feel for the ALBUM rather than just the songs. I shared this with the team, and was encouraged to ‘run with it’.” The video for “Mattawa / New Morning Sun” can be viewed here. Tickets are currently on sale for Blue Rodeo’s In Our Nature cross-Canada tour which begins January 2, 2014 in Vancouver, B.C.. For more information on tour dates visit For more information: Steve Waxman, Warner Music Canada / (416) 758-1097