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Blue Rodeo to Release 8 Disc Box Set!
August 30 2012


Set includes remixes and re-masters of their classic first five albums as well as demos that reveal the true strength of the songs

For immediate release

Warner Music Canada is proud to celebrate its 25 year partnership with Blue Rodeo by releasing the 8 disc box-set Blue Rodeo: 1987 Γ’€“ 1993. The project, two years in the making, will be released on Tuesday, October 16, 2012.

Blue Rodeo: 1987 - 1993 contains a treasure trove of material for fans including re-mastered versions of the bandΓ’€™s first five studio albums as well as unreleased music such as demos for Casino, studio outtakes and a completely remixed Outskirts in which Greg Keelor returned to the originally recorded tracks for the first time in a quarter-century. The set also includes a 44 page booklet with rare photos and an essay written by Jason Schnieder in which the band talks extensively and unfiltered about the early days, their reaction to their success and how they turned down an opportunity to work with The Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick.

Fans will also have the choice to buy each of the individual re-mastered releases of the first five albums on Tuesday, October 16, 2012. The individual releases of Outskirts and Casino will include the same extra disc of previously unreleased material that is available in the box set.

Prior to the release of Blue Rodeo: 1987 Γ’€“ 1993, Warner Music Canada will release the remixed, re-mastered version of their original hit Γ’€œTryΓ’€ to radio. This treasured hit is one of the great songs in the Canadian song canon and the re-mix is sure to bring out nuances fans never had a chance to hear before.

When asked what surprised him the most about listening back to the original recordings, Greg Keelor said, Γ’€œI was surprised at how many different accents I sang in on those records and how Jim sounds exactly the same now as he did 25 years ago.Γ’€

Fans can pre-order their physical copies of Blue Rodeo: 1987 Γ’€“ 1993 at

Blue Rodeo: 1987 Γ’€“ 1993

Disc 1: Outskirts (remastered)
Disc 2: Outskirts (remixed Γ’€“ previously unreleased)
Disc 3 Diamond Mine (remastered)
Disc 4: Casino (remastered)
Disc 5: Casino demos (previously unreleased)
Disc 6: Lost Together (remastered)
Disc 7: Five Days In July (remastered)
Disc 8: Odds & Ends (previously unreleased material and various demos)
Box set essay