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The Faces - Double-Disc, Career-Spanning Anthology Covers the Seminal Rock Bandâs Hits and Deep Cuts, Plus Three Unreleased Live Performances Recorded in 1970
August 16 2012


Double-Disc, Career-Spanning Anthology Covers the Seminal Rock Bandâs Hits and Deep Cuts, Plus Three Unreleased Live Performances Recorded in 1970

Available October 2nd

LOS ANGELES â The Facesâ tenure was short â four studio albums in five years â but the fun-loving, hard-rocking group left an indelible mark on rock and roll with hits like âStay With Meâ and âOoh La La.â Earlier this year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame underscored the bandâs seminal influence by inducting: Kenney Jones (drums), Ronnie Lane (bass/vocals), Ian McLagan (keyboard), Rod Stewart (vocals) and Ron Wood (guitar/vocals).

To celebrate, Warner Music presents a two-disc collection that spans the groupâs career with a mix of studio favorites and a trio of unreleased live performances. STAY WITH ME: FACES ANTHOLOGY will be available October 2nd digitally and on CD.

STAY WITH ME highlights the bandâs musical range from tipsy rockers (âHad Me A Real Good Time,â âToo Badâ and âMiss Judyâs Farmâ) to tender ballads (âDebris,â âGlad and Sorryâ and âLove Lives Hereâ). Among the 36 tracks is the studio version of the band covering Paul McCartneyâs âMaybe Iâm Amazed,â which was originally released as a non-album single. Longtime fans will relish the unreleased live tracks: âToo Much Woman,â a cover of the Robert Johnson classic âLove In Vain,â and âGasoline Alleyâ. All three were recorded in 1970 during a concert at the Fillmore East in New York City. Two different songs from the same performance were featured on the groupâs second album, Long Player.

The collection comes with liner notes by Rolling Stone senior editor, David Fricke. A respected music journalist who has interviewed the band and a passionate fan, he once said: âThe Faces were the greatest rock ânâ roll band that ever stumbled and strummed across the face of the Earth. They could play it all â blues, soul, funk, country, boogie â and they played it like the world was their bar stool and it was never closing time.â

During his induction speech for the Faces (and the groupâs predecessor the Small Faces),

Steven Van Zant of the E Street Band said: ââ¦for a bunch of guys who never took themselves too seriously, they made some of the most soulful, beautiful music anyoneâs ever made.â


Track Listing

Disc One

1. âStay With Meâ

2. âMiss Judyâs Farmâ

3. âCindy Incidentallyâ

4. âYouâre So Rudeâ

5. âFlyingâ

6. âThatâs All You Needâ

7. âMy Faultâ

8. âHad Me A Real Good Timeâ

9. âRichmondâ

10. âToo Much Womanâ (Live)*

11. âLove Lives Hereâ

12. âDebrisâ

13. âJust Another Honkyâ

14. âOn The Beachâ

15. âWicked Messengerâ

16. âToo Badâ

17. âRear Wheel Skidâ

18. âLove In Vainâ (Live)*

Disc Two

1. âOoh La Laâ

2. âMaybe Iâm Amazedâ

3. âMemphis, Tennesseeâ

4. âPool Hall Richardâ

5. âBad Nâ Ruinâ

6. âYou Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything (Even Take The Dog For A Walk, Mend A Fuse, Fold Away The Ironing Board, Or Any Other Domestic Short Comings)â

7. âLast Orders Pleaseâ

8. âAround The Plynthâ

9. âThree Button Hand Me Downâ

10. âAs Long As You Tell Himâ

11. âGlad And Sorryâ

12. âPineapple And The Monkeyâ

13. âFlags And Bannersâ

14. âSweet Lady Maryâ

15. âSilicone Grownâ

16. âShake, Shudderâ

17. âBorstal Boysâ

18. âGasoline Alleyâ (Live)*

*Previously Unissued