Press Releases

August 07 2014

Launches Film For New Single Iron Sky Video By Acclaimed Director Daniel Wolfe Paolo Nutini releases the captivating film for his stunning new single ‘Iron Sky’ from ‘Caustic Love’. Produced by Paolo and Dani Castelar ‘Iron Sky’ is a raw, emotional, epic that has stunned critics and fans alike. The film is an eight-minute cinematic masterpiece from Director Daniel Wolfe, who has recently debuted his first ever feature film ‘Catch Me Daddy’ at Cannes Film Festival, and is best known for videos for Plan B and notably The Shoes video where actor Jake Gyllenhaall plays a serial killer. The film for ‘Iron Sky’ depicts a dystopian vision of the future. A twisted poverty-stricken landscape broken by brutalist concrete structures. A people oppressed by an authoritarian power, where resistance brings brain-splitting agony, but yet the people crave for freedom. Of the video, Daniel Wolfe says ‘I was sent the track with no explanation from Paolo. As a child I stared at the planet Jupiter and had a vivid hallucinatory experience. A feeling of abject terror. In bondage to an omnipotent machine. When I heard the Chaplin quote (from the song) I remembered this clearly. So the video became a dystopian vision of the future as imagined by a child in the 80’s.’ See the video at or Paolo Nutini will be performing in Toronto on September 15th.