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Kim Clarke Champniss Explores the 80's in the Republic of Rocn 'N' Roll!
January 14 2013

Warner Music Canada to release E-book March 12, 2013

For immediate release

Warner Music Canada is pleased to announce the release on March 12, 2013 of the E-book The Republic of Rock 'n' Roll written by Kim Clarke Champniss. The book is an in-depth exploration of the 1980âs and how music and world events influenced each other from the release of the Iranian hostages to the destruction of the Berlin Wall and from the death of disco to the birth of grunge. The E-book, available for iPads as well as all other e-reader formats, is a virtual first person account of the last Golden Age of pop music and the end of our innocence.

"Reconnecting with the music, the stars, and the politics of the 1980s gave me a chance to put the period in proper perspective,â says Champniss about writing The Republic of Rock ânâ Roll. âI realized it was a crossroads of history: politically, culturally, economically, and for me, personally. It was an especially golden period for music. It was all so exciting. And this E-book format allows readers to hear the tunes as they read about them."

Kim Clarke Champniss experienced the 1980âs with a front row seat. He was a DJ at Vancouverâs influential Luv-a-fair nite club when the dance music scene made itâs abrupt change from gay disco to industrial new wave; he managed Canadaâs chart-topping New Wave band, Images In Vogue; and he could be seen daily on MuchMusic as one of the nationâs music stationâs most popular VJs and music news reporters. Since 2009 KCC has written and co-hosted The 80âs Radio Show, an hour long look back at the decade through music. The 80âs Radio Show airs weekly in 18 markets across Canada.


Chapter 1 London Calling: the new sound heard around the world
Chapter 2 The Sound of the Crowd: fashion, clubs, and concerts
Chapter 3 Lust for Love: the independent spirit
Chapter 4 Video Killed the Radio Star: the birth of music television
Chapter 5 Do They Know Itâs Christmas?: saving the world through music
Chapter 6 Two Tribes: politics and the future
Chapter 7 Beethovenâs 9th Symphony: cassettes, CDs, and the decline of vinyl
Chapter 8 The Message: the rise of hip-hop
Chapter 9 Welcome to the Jungle: hard rock revival
Chapter 10 Buffalo Soldier: reggae and world music
Chapter 11 Strings of Life: electronic music, rave culture, copyright
Chapter 12 Bad: cocaine, sex, and AIDS
Chapter 13 Pop Goes the World: the power of pop music
Chapter 14 This Noteâs for You: music sells out