Roger Mooking Drops New Album
Jul 10, 2013

You might know him from his Food Network television shows <em>Heat Seekers</em> and <em>Everyday Exotic</em>, but celebrity chef Roger Mooking's new album <em>Feeback</em> is hot, fresh, and ready to serve! Before his adventures in the culinary world, Mooking was a member of the Juno Award winning soul trio, Bass Is Base. His musical pursuits didn't end there, however - his debut solo album, <em>Soul Food</em>, was released in 2008. "I've never stopped making music", <a href = ''>he told CBC News</a>, "We've just gone through...a lot of ups and downs in the last five years, and I felt that I had to just get it off my chest, really." You can buy <em>Feedback</em> on iTunes <a href = ''>here</a>, and be sure to check out his lyric video for <a href = ''>The Hum</a>!