Billie Joe And Norah - "Foreverly"
Dec 10, 2013

When Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones first announced their plans for a colloborative effort, skepticism was rampant among those who could not imagine a more unlikely pair. With their classic melodies, beautiful harmonies, and exceptional artistry, however, Foreverly has converted even the biggest disbelievers.

In the three weeks since its release on November 25th, Foreverly has recieved overwhelming acclaim from critics and fans alike. While Rolling Stone has declared it "a faithful, touching re-creation" of The Everly Brothers' Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, Alternative Press reveres, "Foreverly feels custom made for long walks through leaf-strewn streets...the warm spirit that emanates from this loving tribute should be more than enough to keep you cozy through the cold months ahead."

If you have not yet curled up with this truly exceptional record, grab it on iTunes or Amazon today.