Bad Things' Debut Album Out Now
Jan 21, 2014

LA rock band Bad Things, which consists of lead singer Davis LeDuke, bassist Jared Palomar, guitarist Anthony Sanudo, drummer Lena Zawaideh and lead guitarist Shaun White, well known for being an Olympian snowboarder and professional skateboarder, have released their debut, self-titled album. The record dropped right on the heels of the release of their single Anybody, of which Rolling Stone raves,  "Anybody is a chugging rock anthem heavy with choirboy backing harmonies.”

Bad Things' electric stage presence has garnered them a dedicated fanbase, even including those who were skeptical of whether White could play music as well as his respective sports. After being named by the #1 Most Surprising Moment of Montreal's Osheaga music festival, they wrote, "Google ‘Bad Things’ and you’ll be inundated with articles that start with the words ‘Shaun White’s band…,’ which is totally misleading, considering how much more there is to these guys...They have great original material and the kind of solid musicianship and stage presence you’d expect from a group that’s been playing together for years." Grab Bad Things on iTunes today!