Stream Meaghan Smith's New Single "Have A Heart"
Feb 04, 2014

After coming off her 2011 Juno Award win for Best New Artist, Meaghan Smith wanted to take a chance. While her critically acclaimed album The Cricket’s Orchestra had been lauded for its honest, insightful songwriting and vintage sound, Meaghan knew that she wanted to make an entirely different album; a pop record with big choruses, ambitious production, and a chance to connect with more people than she ever had in the past. The result is Have a Heart - an album full of honest, personal songs that sound contemporary, yet retain a hint of her love for all things vintage.

“I hope people feel amazing when they listen to Have A Heart", says Meaghan, "I hope they love it. I hope they find themselves in it. Music is about connecting, and I want to connect with millions of people.”

Now fans can stream her new single, fittingly titled "Have A Heart", on her website. The single is also available for download on iTunes!