Linkin Park's "The Hunting Party" Is Huge -- But Don't Believe Us
May 29, 2014

Music media has heard the new LP album and to put it mildly, they like what they hear. Check out some of the things that they're saying...

Linkin Park have dropped the electronics of their previous two records and have rededicated themselves to making rock and roll. In short, they’ve found their balls, and they’re taking those balls and going balls to the wall. - VICE

It’s all about the guitars, the drums and vocals, and the rough around the edges approach is a welcome return. - Renowed For Sound

The new Linkin Park single "Guilty All the Same" (Machine Shop/Warner Bros.) is stunning in its toughness, more like they created a new genre - Newsday

It's no easy task for a band that has put out so much music to include so many songs from its present and even future, but Linkin Park did its best to give older fans what they came for, while giving them a glimpse of what they could expect from the new record - PHX New Times

Having stripped back the looped guitars and synthesized beats of 2012’s LIVING THINGS, the LA six-piece took cues from the more aggressive elements of their record collection, including Texas punks At The Drive-In and alt-metallers Helmet. The result is their heaviest album to date - Q magazine

While Linkin Park's dive into hard noise may drive away some recent fans, the move could draw even more listeners by filling a vacuum in a genre that's been limping in pop's shadow for years - USA Today

This being Linkin Park, it probably took a lot of painstaking preparation to sound so spontaneous. Even so, this works on both a cerebral and a gut level, and is undoubtedly the heaviest thing they’ve ever done. – Kerrang

Linkin Park are meticulous architects. They think nothing of spending days, weeks and months constructing their towering cathedrals of sound and chipping away at their pristine sonic sculptures. The results have often been stunning, but they rarely sound unfettered, instinctive or violently visceral. - Kerrang